Steps to install POP3 in CentOS system


After installing the CentOS system, I found that the POP3 service was not enabled by default. After a long time, I didn’t find the familiar ipop3d program and configuration file. After Google, I found that the CentOS system uses dovecot program as pop / imap. It is said that it has many functions and high security. I just need a simple POP3, not so many requirements

1. CentOS system installation dovecot

  yum install dovecot

2. Modify the configuration file

  vi /etc/dovecot.conf

Find the line #protocols = IMAP IMAPS, remove #. Modify to

  protocols = imap pop3

Find #defaultmailenv, remove #defaultmailenv = Mbox: ~ / mail /: inbox = / var / mail /% u, comment

  defaultmailenv = mbox:~/mail/:INBOX=/var/mail/%u

3. CentOS system startup service

  /etc/init.d/dovecot start

Test. OK. Set it as CentOS system service

In this way, we can easily use POP3 in CentOS system