Steps to install FreeNX desktop environment for Linux VPS CentOS


As a Linux VPS user, Lao Zuo didn’t advocate using desktop environment or panel from the beginning, even though I wrote several articles about kloxo panel before. I suggest that as a novice to VPS or a pure entertainment hobby, you can install the panel or desktop environment to play. After all, the panel and desktop environment occupy a large amount of CPU and resources, which is not conducive to the maximization of the utilization of our website. For Lao Zuo, I haven’t seen what the desktop environment looks like on Linux VPS before. Today, I’ll play together to see the specific effects.

First, we will install the popular FreeNX desktop environment under our VPS CentOS environment.

wget;sh ./;

Log in to our VPS directly, then throw in the above command and run the one click installation script. You don’t need any input in the middle, just wait until the end.

Linux VPS CentOS安装FreeNX桌面环境

Secondly, after we install it, we need to use the local link software.

Download NX Client for Windows(Click to go to the official download)

Download it to our computer desktop and install it. Install the required configuration.


Just don’t choose the wrong parameters. But here we need to pay attention. If you don’t pay attention, you can’t link. We need to log in to our VPS with FTP software first.

hold  / backup/ The dsa.key file is downloaded to the desktop and needs to be imported into FreeNX software before it can be connected. How to import?

There is no “key…” button in the figure above. After clicking, the interface has import.


After importing, you can log in FreeNX to the remote Linux VPS. After logging in, I set up a Chinese interface to see the effect.


To sum up, the above is the FreeNX desktop tutorial for installing Linux VPS CentOS. Lao Zuo also tried to install one, and then shared the screenshot. I hope it has a little effect on friends playing VPS.

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