Steps of installing graphical interface for CentOS minimal, Chinese language pack


1. Connect to the network:
After CentOS minimal.iso is installed, enter the terminal. By default, the network is not turned on. First, enable the network card and automatically obtain the IP
ifconfig eth0 up
dhclient eth0
At this time, you can see that the IP has been automatically assigned

2. Installing X Window:
yum groupinstall “X Window System”

3. To install Gnome:
yum groupinstall “Desktop”
(in 6.2, desktop is Gnome)
Then wait. Of course, you can install WGet first, then modify the CentOS network source to 163, and then install gnome. The method of modifying the source is Google. It is not described here

4. Then we install the Chinese language
yum groupinstall “Chinese Support”

5. The most critical step is to start gnome
Then press Ctrl + Alt + F2 and OK to enter the desktop

6. To start Gnome automatically next time:
Modify the in the / etc / inittab file
Change 3 to 5
Restart the system