Steps for laravel to configure global common functions



In laravel project development, common functions are often used. How to configure global common functions in laravel?? Let’s have a look at the detailed introduction

The method is as follows

In laravel project, we often need to define some global public functions, which are usually defined in a separate file, such as helpers.php. We create a file named helpers.php (APP / helpers. PHP) in the app directory, and edit its contents as follows:

 *String twice MD5 encryption
 *@ param $STR string to encrypt
function double_md5($str) {

 return md5(md5(trim($str)));

This function returns the string after MD5 encryption of a string twice. To enable the application to find the helpers.php file correctly, you need to modify the autoload configuration of composer.json under the root directory of the project:

"autoload": {
  "classmap": [
  "psr-4": {
   "App\": "app/"
  "files": [

Specify the files / folders to be loaded in the files array of the autoload configuration item. After the modification, run composer dump autoload to make sure the modification takes effect:

composer dump-autoload
A kind of
composer dumpautoload

Now that all the functions in helpers.php are loaded into the autoloader, you can use the functions defined in the helpers.php file in your project code.


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