Step 1: introduction and installation of Python + Anaconda + pycharm


There are several concepts

python interpreter Py source code parsing tool for binary machine language.We usually say that installing Python means installing the Python interpreter.
Note: python2 is not compatible with python3!

Python editorAs the name suggests, the most commonly used is pychar.
Others are: Download Python interpreter with idle; Chapter notebook, etc.

Package management tools
One of the biggest advantages of Python is its rich libraries,
Pip is a library management tool(After python3.4, download and install python3. After installation, it comes with PIP tool, which does not need to be downloaded separately), you can install, uninstall and update various libraries by inputting Pip’s install, uninstall and other commands on the command line.
The use of libraries, in short, is to use the functions that others have written. We just need to organize them with Python syntax.


It is recommended to install pychar + anaconda.
Anaconda integrates many commonly used Python libraries for us, so we don’t need to download PIP commands one by one on the terminal.
There is no need to download the Python interpreter from the official Python website, because Anaconda comes with the python 3 interpreter.

Pychar: the mainstream editor
Shortcut key Ctrl + ATL + l can standardize the format