Step 1: install CentOS and some settings under VMWare


Installation software and environment:

VMware 6.5.2, electric donkey address:

CentOS 5.5, address:

1、 Install VM, configure virtual disk, install system

1. Install the VM. The next step is just the next step.

2. Start configuring the virtual machine, download this word, and find it on the Internet.

            VMwareCentOS-5.0 linux(1)

3. After opening the document, note: the first step is to configure those things first if you choose Custom installation. You can refer to and compare them.

4. Install the system, restart the virtual machine (next to the startup arrow in the upper right corner), enter the installation system, and continue to configure according to the following word. The order may be different. Let’s look for it at every step, hehe.

           VMwareCentOS-5.0 linux(2)

Original address of the above word:

         My problems:

If you encounter the problem of no boot filename received… Prompt when you can’t get into the interface, you need to change the startup item to CD-ROM drive startup, restart the virtual project, and press F2 to enter the BIOS.


Use the + and – buttons on the keypad to adjust the order.


2、 Simple setup:

Finally, you can enter. The next step is to enter the graphical interface and configure the resolution.

You need to install vmware tools, which can be found in the right-click menu on the project.

After restart, enter the command line mode and enter: startx



Do you think the screen is very small? Set the resolution. Enter the display setting and find that there are only 640 * 480 and 800 * 600. Hehe, don’t worry. We select a resolution under hardware – display configuration – CET display, and then go back to the Settings tab. Do you have it~


If you can’t access the Internet, right-click to select the setting configuration item of the virtual machine, select bridged for the network adapter, and the routing will assign an IP address to it. You can search the Internet by yourself in other ways.

Well, our system is ready to use. Next, ha ha, I’ll learn again. I’ll talk about it slowly in the future~~~~