Stationmaster: World Martial Arts, only fast not broken?


It is often said that “the world’s martial arts are fast, but they can’t be broken”. Tomorrow moon finds that many webmasters now regard this sentence as a golden rule. It seems that judging whether a blog is good or not is fast. Almost all novice blogs start from struggling with various accelerated cache plug-ins, and all kinds of uniform accelerated blog articles are springing up everywhere All of them are, Lian Mingyue often receives various soul torture about access speed on Zhihu, self media platform and blog comments! It’s really quite depressing.

Stationmaster: World Martial Arts, only fast not broken?

I’m going back to work tomorrow. I’ll talk about the speed of this website in my spare time and share my own opinions and experience with you.

First of all, the question about the speed of blog website is still that sentence: there is no absolute thing, most of which are relative; for blog website, the guarantee of access and opening speed is mainly to make search engine better grasp and index so as to speed up the effect of keyword ranking and optimization. This is especially important in the early years when most personal blogs were free hosts, cheap virtual hosts and even overseas server hosts, and there is indeed a shackle of speed. Today, the rapid development of the domestic cloud server market, this problem has not been so prominent, can be said to be increasingly diluted. On the contrary, with the threshold of personal blog becoming lower and lower, various back door vulnerabilities, Trojans, malicious code, vulnerability scanning and other behaviors become more and more rampant (also caused by the threshold and lower cost). The proliferation of these network behaviors brings many novice Blog websites due to the negligence of server operation and maintenance, website platform security, plug-in vulnerabilities, malicious code implantation and so on Access speed is affected, even some new webmasters’ computers have been hijacked as “chickens” for a long time. These factors are affecting the access speed of the website, so the speed of an open blog website is affected by many factors, and even the speed experience of several people visiting at the same time in different domains is not consistent, which is why CDN One of the reasons for the popularity of services is that CDN is to speed up website access. In fact, tomorrow moon thinks that CDN plays a more important role in balancing security and access speed.Stationmaster: World Martial Arts, only fast not broken?

To sum up, it depends on many factors, not on one’s own or one’s own words, to summarize the website’s quickness and unhappiness. At present, what Mingyue knows about is as follows:

1. The configuration environment of the visitor’s current device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.), whether there is a Trojan agent, etc., this category is a little wide, and it is the most difficult to check, but it does exist and is relatively serious.

2. The browser type and version used by visitors are chrome and Firefox The so-called “high-speed” browsers in China will have different speed experiences. The last one is that some of the browser’s own extensions and accelerated optimization can make your computer city “chicken” at any time. Basically, some of the most touted browsers in China have some unknown behaviors behind them.

3. Don’t underestimate the update rules of DNS cache and domain name resolution cache for the services of the network service operators (which can be understood as telecom, Unicom and mobile broadband) where the visitors are located. Most of the slow access and failure encountered in tomorrow’s month are caused by the problems of the operators. What a real experience.

4. The operation and maintenance configuration of the server itself contained in the website or website, such as server-side code cache (such as opcache), the same IP limit concurrent number, firewall rules to prevent malicious scanning, firewall rules of CDN, etc., will have an impact on the browsing speed of visitors.

5. Website system platforms (such as WordPress, Typecho, etc.) use some unreliable plug-ins to obtain and intercept visitors’ information, as well as call too many overseas API links, which will affect the browsing speed of the website.

It’s almost impossible to make your website “fast” because of the above factors, so it’s meaningless to deliberately improve the speed of your website. As long as the speed of a website’s response in the browser debugger is normal, it’s OK to be fastidious again (note that it’s not to be fastidious and fastidious, but to be illiterate )

Secondly, there is also a question about the speed of blog website, which is whether the website system platform you choose is dynamic or static or has generated pure static. For example, WordPress and Typecho are dynamic website systems, static website systems such as Zhimeng CMS, Empire CMS, etc. As for the difference between dynamic and static here, it mainly refers to the process of generating and browsing the web page, not whether the web page will move or not? Think of WordPress, Typecho These pseudo static are also dynamic, which are generated dynamically by the script on the server side according to the request of the client and then sent to the browser disguised as static resources. The process of “dynamic generation” requires the operation on the server side, which will have an impact on the speed of the website, but for us, the operation speed is almost in microseconds, which can be felt I haven’t seen a human since.Stationmaster: World Martial Arts, only fast not broken?

In fact, most of the time, the visiting speed of a blog website also depends on the visiting frequency of the visitors. The higher the frequency, the faster the visiting speed will be until a certain maximum critical value, which is caused by the browser cache in the browser technology and the CDN node calling frequency of the site CDN service taking effect. The specific performance is that the first visit even has the feeling of being stuck. With the increase of visit frequency, it is “second on”. For example, my blog is actually like this. Welcome to visit frequently!Stationmaster: World Martial Arts, only fast not broken?

To put it bluntly, the speed of a website’s visit doesn’t necessarily improve your browsing volume. Even if you are faster than a bullet, you don’t have content to attract visitors. What’s the use other than your own “narcissism”? So in the end, Mingyue advises webmasters who are still obsessed with optimizing the speed of their websites to pay more attention to the generation of website content. Only visitors with high-quality content can come, and only content can make your blog website visit more frequently. It also says that the increase of visit frequency means that the visit speed is also increasing, so don’t put the cart before the horse.