Starting again in ten years: Alibaba cloud’s smart strategy accelerated “four-stage rocket”


Abstract:Starting again in ten years: Alibaba cloud’s smart strategy accelerated “four-stage rocket”

On March 21, at the 2019 Alibaba cloud summit Beijing station, Zhang Jianfeng, President of Alibaba cloud intelligence, for the first time described the “Four-level rocket” of Alibaba cloud’s strategic acceleration: the cloud supported by Da Mo academy, the cloud of data intelligence, the cloud of best practices and the integrated cloud, which will start the next decade of Alibaba cloud from the technical, product, business and ecological levels.

Cloud of Dharma hall blessing

Ten years ago, Alibaba cloud began to develop its own cloud computing operating system, which opened the cloud era in China. Ten years later, Alibaba cloud’s market share in China exceeded the sum of two to eight, nurturing the entire Chinese cloud computing market, and the digital economy flourished on the cloud.

Ten years later, at the core technology level, Zhang Jianfeng said that all Alibaba’s technologies will also be exported through Alibaba cloud, the group’s scientific research force will be integrated, and the capabilities of Da Mo academy will be fully integrated with the cloud. In the future, it will also increase R & D investment and expand the advantages of cloud technology generation gap.

In 2017, Alibaba established the Damo Institute, and invested 100 billion yuan in core basic technology research in three years. At present, Dharma Institute has built core technologies in machine learning, next generation human-computer interaction, visual computing, chip technology, quantum computing and other fields.

Especially in the field of intelligence, Dharma Institute algorithm scientists will temper the ability of Alibaba’s internal scenes and output them to enterprises in Xiang Yun. These technologies have the intelligent ability of multimodal interaction and have global leading advantages.

Cloud of data intelligence

“The cloud of IT infrastructure, the Internet of core technology, the data and intelligence of application”, Zhang Jianfeng believes that these are the three major trends and core values of cloud.

At the IT infrastructure level, the era of all in cloud is coming, and all walks of life are migrating to the public cloud. In this regard, Alibaba cloud will provide multiple paths and tools for cloud access to help enterprises make zero changes to cloud access. In addition, Alibaba cloud will adhere to the road of independent research and development to build the most secure and stable cloud.

In the future, the social economy will be more integrated with the Internet, and the business of enterprises and institutions will be transformed into Internet business in an all-round way. Alibaba has built Internet distributed architecture, next-generation database polardb, midrange technology and cloud native products and capabilities to cope with massive and high concurrency, which will help enterprises realize the Internet of core technologies.

On this basis, enterprise applications will change from process driven to data intelligent driven, realizing data and intelligence. Alibaba cloud will output full stack data technology capabilities, and provide top AI technology of Damo. In addition, Alibaba cloud will open up the urban brain platform and combine with deepening industrial AI to realize the social and economic value of intelligence.

Cloud of best practices

In the past 20 years, Alibaba has met the challenges of the Internet era before the society, thus building the digital technology and paradigm required by the next generation of enterprises. These capabilities will become social capabilities through Alibaba cloud.

In the future, Alibaba cloud will become the technological base of Alibaba’s economy. Zhang Jianfeng said that Alibaba now has 60% to 70% businesses running on the public cloud. In the next one to two years, the Alibaba 100% system will be completely based on the public cloud and become Alibaba on the cloud. “The products of Alibaba’s use of Ali cloud will be exactly the same as those offered to users.”

Alibaba has always been regarded as the model of the next generation of enterprises, and also has the most cloud best practices. In recent years, innovative businesses such as juhuasuan, nailing, and HEMA have emerged in an endless stream. Ali’s economy has formed a “zoo” with diverse species. Huge e-commerce transactions only need hundreds of operations, and data intelligence helps people make better decisions.

Refining and abstracting digital capabilities in these real business scenarios will provide core business capabilities required by the digital era for various industries. Alibaba cloud will increase industry investment and focus on three areas: new retail, new finance and digital government.

Integrated cloud

These technologies and products quenched in complex and diverse scenes will be more widely and deeply integrated. Zhang Jianfeng said that Alibaba cloud should “train its internal skills to be integrated” and “Alibaba cloud does not make SaaS by itself, so that everyone can make a better SaaS.”

At the meeting, Alibaba cloud released SaaS accelerator to developers and launched small program cloud to cultivate a new ecosystem on cloud with the “Star Program” of 2 billion support fund.

Ecology is the gene flowing in Alibaba’s blood. Through cooperation with partners, large enterprises such as Tebu, bosden, Mengniu and Haidilao have taken the lead in introducing digital paradigm and technology, supporting rapid business innovation and using data intelligence to support decision-making.

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