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After graduation for more than half a year, I stumbled all the way and spent every day in busy work. I thought of sleeping and resting on weekends. I gradually forgot my learning style. I suddenly woke up and found that I was led by the project. I was inefficient and lost my ideas. I haven’t written my blog for more than a year. It’s time to pick up my pen again, record Only by thinking and digging deeply can we make continuous progress. The theme of this voyage is AUTOSAR OS

1、 What is AUTOSAR OS

AUTOSAR (Automotive open system architecture), that is, automotive open system architecture, includes two architecture platforms: classic platform (CP) and adaptive platform (AP). This is a cooperative development framework for automotive electronic systems with the participation of global automobile manufacturers, parts suppliers and various research and service institutions. The software architecture of AUTOSAR is shown in Figure 1-1, including three parts: BSW layer, RTE layer and application layer.

Figure 1-1 AUTOSAR software architecture diagram (uwani – his own work, CC by-sa 4.0, )

AUTOSAR OS is a micro real-time operating system developed based on AUTOSAR standard. It is proposed based on OSEK OS and is backward compatible. AUTOSAR OS based on CP architecture has strong real-time (hard real-time, up to us level) and security (up to asil-d, up to d); AUTOSAR OS based on AP architecture is soft real-time (up to ms level), and the security level is not as good as CP architecture (up to asil-b or higher). The two complement each other. CP is mainly used in embedded scenarios with high requirements for real-time and security, which is strongly related to hardware. AP focuses on performance operation and data processing, and better supports the network.

2、 AUTOSAR data acquisition

  AUTOSAR information can be obtained directly from the official website, there are many modules. It is estimated that the documents of all modules add up to more than 100000 pages. Just pick what you need. It is unrealistic for beginners to read all the documents of the whole AUTOSAR architecture. The author currently uses CP architecture, and the main reference documents are   Specification of operating system is a software specification document about AUTOSAR OS, which defines some specification interfaces during OS design.

Figure 2-1 document download

3、 Other

For the time being, I just wrote so much, just a brief introduction, which can be regarded as throwing a brick to attract jade. I have been in contact with AUTOSAR OS for some time. During this period, I had a lot of contact with embedded systems. At first, I was very confused. Now, I am a little familiar with it, but I am still a rookie. When I think of my undergraduate period, I have done some embedded projects intermittently, ranging from 51 to 28035. I have more or less contact with embedded systems, but I am not in-depth, There is no summary record, so when I really entered the industry, I found that what I had learned was just a scratch, and even that scratch, I even forgot 7788 (because I did upper-level software again during my graduate school). After thinking about it, it may be more effective to record the learning process in the way of blog. It should be regarded as a new departure. Come on, bald boy! (in addition, all my blogs are based on the information available on the Internet, combined with my own learning and understanding, pure personal behavior.)

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