SRA data download


Additional comments: sratoolkit is really rubbish!!!!! Don’t use it. Not recommended, not recommended at all!!!!

Recently, I started to participate in another direction, so I need to learn new things.

Download the sratoolkit tool to download data from NCBI.
The latest version (sratoolkit. 2.10.9-centos_linux64) is downloaded for the first time, but an error is reported when running:

./fastq-dump: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.14' not found (required by ./fastq-dump)

Checked the version of glibc on the following server:

strings /lib64/ | grep GLIBC

The maximum version installed on the display server is glibc_ 2.12。

Because upgrading glibc is really troublesome and requires administrator privileges.
So, change your mind.
Choose a lower version of sratoolkit.
Change to sratoolkit 2.8. 2-centos_ linux64. tar. gz
Download address:


cd bin

Perfect solution!