SQL Server service shows the solution of remote procedure call failure


Just opened SQL Server 2008, want to create a new database, but found a problem, this problem has not been encountered before, so the following sorting out several methods to solve the SQL Server Service remote call failure, for your reference, the specific content is as follows

Let’s look at the problems:

The reason for the above error may be that when we install vs2012 or other versions, the vs will automatically install the “Microsoft SQL Server 2013 (2012) expresslocaldb” service, which causes the SQL Server 2008 service to display the remote procedure call failure. If you know the reason, it’s quite easy to solve other problems.

First:In a gentle way

Upgrade your database to a higher version.

Second:Just do it.

If you only use this database once, go to computer → management → service, find the service SQL Server (MSSQL server) to start.

Third:No deal

Of course, we have to learn not to make do with life, because what Mr. Mi said: no will be the driving force of discovery. Therefore, in order to use it normally every time, we can only complain about the “Microsoft SQL Server 2013 (2012) expresslocaldb” service. We can’t have both. So go to the control panel to find the auto install service and uninstall it, which has no great impact on vs. After uninstalling, open the required service under SQL Server service.

And then again,Why does vs automatically install Microsoft SQL Server 2013 (2012) expresslocaldb,Baobaozhen doesn’t know, but on the surface, it should be a local database??? Baidu told me:A local database engine “Microsoft SQL Server 2013 (2012) expresslocaldb” is provided in vs2012, which makes it easy to manage and use the local database

Let’s share another solutionSQL Server 2008 R2 configuration manager “remote procedure call failed” (0x800706be) error promptThe plan:

Before, when SQL Server 2008 could not log in, it always changed “SQL Server (MSSqlServer)” through “computer management” → “SQL Server service”. But now the problem is that the SQL Server service cannot be opened, which is very depressing. As shown in the picture:

Through online search, we know that SQL Server 2008 and vs2012 coexist. When you install these two things in your computer at the same time, SQL will appear as shown in the figure above.

terms of settlement:From the control panel or other auxiliary software, find “Microsoft SQL Server expres 2012localdb” and uninstall it. As shown in the picture:

After uninstalling, refresh it again, and the “SQL Server service” will appear, as shown in the figure below. Then start the stopped SQL Server (MSSqlServer) according to the second red line box in the figure below.

So far, many people’s problems should be solved. Maybe it’s the reason for my RP. when I started SQL server, there were new problems. The details are as follows:

By checking the windows log file (the way to view the log file), it can be seen that the reason is that the port is occupied. It’s easy to solve this problem. Just turn off the last three sqlexpress services to ensure that only one startup is needed each time. The problem is finally solved.

The above is the whole content of this article, hoping to help you successfully solve the problem of SQL Server Service displaying remote procedure call failure.