SQL server log shrink graphic tutorial



Recently experienced a server SQL server The database server-side transaction log is full, which causes the server database to write no data. After the occurrence of this event, I would like to advise all colleagues that if there is no absolute sufficient storage space, the database transaction log file must not take a complete backup. The amount of backup data is beyond your endurance. A simple backup is OK. The following is a contraction Database transaction log operation, I hope to help you!

The database transaction log is contracted through the graphical interface as follows:

Step 1: right click database properties

Step 2: change the database recovery mode from “complete” to “simple”

Step 3: right click the database and click tasks > shrink > file


Step 4: shrink the database log, select the file type log, and shrink the file to the minimum size in the shrink operation


Note: if the disk space is full and the database transaction log file cannot be shrunk, you can first isolate some unused databases, and then copy the MDF and LDF files to other free disks to free disk space. After the log shrinks, attach the separated database files again.

To separate the database, right-click and select task > detach, as shown in the following figure:


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