SQL Server database installation tutorial


Hello everyone, this issue brings you a SQL server installation tutorial

downloadSQL Server 2019 Developer Official website:



I installedDeveloperedition(poor,It’s only free)Local tyrants, please move to the paid version. Ha ha, let’s get back to business


After downloading, double-click to open the file


After opening, click basic to install

Choose language(Simplified Chinese is OK)Then click accept

Enter the specified installation path and select your own installation path

Click Install and wait for the installation to complete(If the installation fails, etc,It is recommended to restart the computer and install it again)


Download and installSSMS:

After SQL installation, you need to install SSMS to manage SQL. Directly click Install SSMS or enter the website:



Click download

After downloading, double-click to open the downloaded file, select your own installation path, and then install



In the next issue, we will explain the configuration of SQL server