SQL Server 2008 manual modification of table structure, table can not be saved problems and Solutions



If you click “save text file”, the dialog box for saving text file will pop up.

The contents of the saved text file are as follows:

April 5, 2010 0:34:53
Server: longgel
Database: longgel


The saved information is useless for me. It only records the time of the transaction and some related information. As a result, the structure of the database can not be modified and saved. Instead, I continue to pop up the above window, which makes me depressed.

Click “Cancel” and it will pop up


It is also the result of saving without completing the table modification. I just feel a little upset. Fortunately, the first thing I thought about was whether it was a setup. It hasn’t taken me too much time to solve this problem. (: to be honest, it’s never necessary to use SQL Server 2005. Before we talk about it, we usually write adding scripts and modifying scripts manually. It’s a bit depressing just now. Now I’ll tell you the solution.

In the “options” menu under the “tools” menu bar of SQL Server 2008, there is a “designers” in the left list of the pop-up dialog box, cancel the “prevent saving the modification required to re create the table” check box, and click OK. You can modify the table structure. As shown in the picture:


To be honest, I also used SQL Server 2008 for a period of time before. Because the project needs to modify the table structure by hand script, I haven’t found this problem. I think everyone should still use SQL Server 2005 in the mainstream at present. Today, I dare to put the solution to this problem on the home page, so as not to encounter this situation when we use SQL Server 2008. I also hope that when you encounter some problems, you can also record your solutions and share them, and also give yourself a place to look up the data when you forget how to operate when you encounter such problems.