SQL exercise – 2020 didi interview questions


1、 Title

Topic information: “order information table” records the information of Brazilian passengers using taxi software, including order call, response, cancellation and completion time. (Didi 2020 data analysis interview questions
Field information

  • order_ ID: order ID, calling order ID
  • passenger_ ID: Passenger ID, passenger identification number
  • call_ Time: call time, the time point when the passenger sends the request for car use from the application (Beijing time)
  • grab_ Time: response time, the time point when the driver clicks to receive the order (Beijing time)
  • cancel_ Time: cancellation time, when the driver or passenger cancels the order (Beijing time)
  • finish_ Time: the time when the order is completed. The driver clicks the time point of arrival at the destination (Beijing time)


  • The time in the table is Beijing time, and Brazil is 11 hours slower than Beijing;
  • If the data value of the response time column is “1970”, it means that the order has no driver response, which is an invalid order.

2、 Data processing


3、 Problem solving