Springboot introduces local jar package



Due to the docking with Huawei cloud’s data replication service, Huawei cloud does not provide the POM file of Maven public warehouse, but only provides the local jar package for us to download, which is introduced into our own project


Directly above (copy the jar package to the resource directory, and then pom.xml To add a dependency SystemPath tag in, make sure that it is consistent with the name of the path where your JA package is located.)

Springboot introduces local jar package

Make the point!!! Knock on the blackboard!!! The following step configuration is also the most important step. Many online tutorials lack this step, which will lead to the fact that although they can run locally, they can’t do as long as they are packaged with maven, because Maven doesn’t print the local jar into the generated package

In POM, you can set the includesystemscope parameter for the spring boot package plug-in





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