Springboot has 44 application initiators


What is an application launcher? Springboot integrates many modules of spring, such as tomcat, redis and so on. You use springboot to build a project, just in POM XML introduces related dependencies, and the corresponding modules can be used after simple configuration in the configuration file.

Very convenient. What initiators are integrated into spring boot?

There are 44 basic springboot application initiators, as follows:

1) Spring boot starter is the core initiator of spring boot, including automatic configuration, logging and yaml.

2) Spring boot starter actor helps monitor and manage applications.


AMQP (Advanced message queuing protocol) is supported through spring rabbit.

4) Spring boot starter AOP supports aspect oriented programming, namely AOP, including spring AOP and AspectJ.

5) Spring boot starter Artemis supports JMS API (Java Message Service API) through Apache Artemis.

6) Spring boot starter batch supports spring batch, including HSQLDB database.

7) Spring boot starter cache supports spring cache abstraction.

8) Spring boot starter cloud connectors supports spring cloud connectors, which simplifies connecting services on cloud platforms such as cloud foundry or heroku.

9) Spring boot starter data elasticsearch supports elasticsearch search search and analysis engines, including spring data elasticsearch.

10) Spring boot starter data gemfire supports gemfire distributed data storage, including spring data gemfire.

11) Spring boot starter data JPA supports JPA (Java persistence API), including spring data JPA, spring ORM and hibernate.

12) Spring boot starter data mongodb supports mongodb data, including spring data mongodb.

13) Spring boot starter data rest supports the exposure of spring data warehouse through rest through spring data rest webmvc.

14) Spring boot starter data Solr supports the Apache Solr search platform, including spring data Solr.

15) Spring boot starter freemaker supports FreeMarker template engine.

16) Spring boot starter groovy templates supports the groovy template engine.

17) Spring boot starter HATEOAS supports restful web services based on HATEOAS through spring HATEOAS.

18) Spring boot starter hornetq supports JMS through hornetq.

19) Spring boot starter integration supports common spring integration modules.

20) Spring boot starter JDBC supports JDBC databases.

21) spring boot starter Jersey supports Jersey restful web service framework.

22) spring boot starter JTA atomikos supports JTA distributed transaction processing through atomikos.

23) spring boot starter JTA bitronix supports JTA distributed transaction processing through bitronix.

24) spring boot starter mail supports javax Mail module.

25) spring boot starter mobile supports spring mobile.

26) spring boot starter mustache supports mustache template engine.

26) spring advanced source code, click to view

27) spring boot starter redis supports redis key value storage database, including spring redis.

28) spring boot starter security supports spring security.

29) spring boot starter social Facebook supports spring social Facebook

30) spring boot starter social LinkedIn supports pring social LinkedIn

31) spring boot starter social twitter supports pring social twitter

32) spring boot starter test supports conventional test dependencies, including JUnit, hamcrest, mockito and spring test modules.

33) spring boot starter thymeleaf supports thymeleaf template engine, including integration with spring.

34) spring boot starter velocity supports velocity template engine.

35) spring boot starter web s supports full stack web development, including Tomcat and spring webmvc.

36) spring boot starter websocket supports websocket development.

37) spring boot starter WS supports spring web services.

There are also two kinds of spring boot application initiators for the production environment, as follows:

38) spring boot starter actuator adds functions related to product launch, such as measurement and monitoring.

39) spring boot starter remote shell adds support for remote SSH shell.

Finally, the spring boot application launcher also has some initiators with alternative technologies, as follows:

40) spring boot starter jetty introduces jetty HTTP engine (used to replace Tomcat).

41) spring boot starter log4j supports log4j logging framework.

42) spring boot starter logging introduces the default logging framework logback of spring boot.

43) spring boot starter Tomcat introduces tomcat, the default HTTP engine of spring boot.

44) spring boot starter undertow introduces the undertow HTTP engine (used to replace Tomcat).