Springboot gets all URL paths


I need to capture all URLs when I do permission control. Because I need the request type, I filter some URLs without request type. I don’t say much and code them.

public class RolePolicyConfig {

    private final WebApplicationContext context;

    public RolePolicyConfig(WebApplicationContext context) {
        this.context = context;

    public void methodInit() {
        RequestMappingHandlerMapping mapping = context.getBean(RequestMappingHandlerMapping.class);
        Map<RequestMappingInfo, HandlerMethod> map = mapping.getHandlerMethods();
        //Initialize map collection
        List<Map<String, String>> listMap = new ArrayList<>();
        for (Map.Entry<RequestMappingInfo, HandlerMethod> entry : map.entrySet()) {
            Map<String, String> initMap = new HashMap<>();
            RequestMappingInfo info = entry.getKey();
            //Request type
            RequestMethodsRequestCondition methodsCondition = info.getMethodsCondition();
            //Request URL
            PatternsRequestCondition pattern = info.getPatternsCondition();
            //If the type is not empty, get
            Set<RequestMethod> methods = methodsCondition.getMethods();
            if (!ObjectUtils.isEmpty(pattern) && !CollectionUtils.isEmpty(methods)) {
                if (!CollectionUtils.isEmpty(pattern.getPatterns())) {
                    Log.info ("method name: {}", entry. Getvalue(). Getmethod(). Getname());
                    Set<String> patterns = pattern.getPatterns();
                    Log. Info ("get URL: {}", patterns. Tostring());
                    for (String url : patterns) {
                        initMap.put("url", url);
                        initMap.put("name", url.replaceAll("/", "_").substring(1));
                    for (RequestMethod requestMethod : methods) {
                        initMap.put("type", requestMethod.toString());
        Log.info ("get all URLs: {}", json.tojsonstring (listmap));


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