Spring framework series tutorial summary


Recently, I have sorted out the previous spring framework series and recorded some learning notes, which are specifically listed here.

You can also directly follow the author GitHub (Spring Framework) for the latest information.



  • 1. Spring annotation driven programming
  • 2. Introspection mechanism of Java beans and its application in spring
  • 3. Java resource management and its application in spring
  • 4. Spring custom XML configuration extension


  • 1. Go deep into the internationalization of Java
  • 2. JSP Application in spring (annotation version)
  • 3. JSP Application in spring (XML version)
  • 4. Design and implementation of Java reactive Web
  • 5. Application of servlet in spring
  • 6. Test of new spring 5 features
  • 7. New features of spring 5: Web flux
  • 8. Spring web auto assembly (annotation)


  • 1. Spring aware interface application

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