Spring Boot Learning Notes (3) Configuring Git under IDEA


This paper mainly records the detailed steps and basic usage of Git configuration under IDEA, which is convenient for beginners to master and use quickly.

preparation in advance

First you need to have a Github account, click here to register.

Next, you need to install git, click here to download it. Please refer to other online articles for specific installation steps, but describe more.

IDEA Configuration Git

stayFileSettingsVersion ControlGitPath to Git executableChoose the installation path of your Git, usually IDEA will automatically bring it out, or is it smarter, ClickTestTest whether the settings are successful.

stayFileSettingsVersion ControlGibHubMiddle Hosts Inputgithub.comAnd then clickCreate API TokenEnter your GitHub account password, generate the corresponding Token, and clickTestTest Success

At this point, the configuration of Git under IDEA has been completed.

Simple use

stayVCSImport into Version ControlCreate local warehouse

Then right-click on your project and selectGitThe basic operation can be carried out as follows:


For me, the use of Git under IDEA is not particularly useful, depending on personal preferences.

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