Specific use of IntelliJ idea global search and replacement


When making a project, sometimes the global search and replacement will be carried out in the whole project or under the specified folder, which is a very convenient function. The usage is as follows:

Software name:
IntelliJ idea 2020.2.2 flagship edition official Chinese official version (with installation tutorial)
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2020-09-22Download now
Software name:
IntelliJ idea 2020.2.2 enhanced Chinese green flagship Version (with Chinese package + method)
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2020-09-19Download now

Global search

Use the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + F to quickly enter the global search page, or click Edit “find” find in path

1. What you want to search for;

2. How to match the content, which means case sensitive, single word, regular, filter search file respectively;

3. The search range refers to the search in the whole project, in the specified module, in the specified directory, and in the specified file range;

Global substitution

Press the shortcut key “Ctrl + Shift + R” or click “Edit” find “to replace in path

The options in the page are roughly the same as the global search page. After input, you can directly click Replace in find window.

be careful:

1. Sometimes the global Ctrl + Shift + F shortcut key is invalid. See if the shortcut key conflict of other software. For example, search the input method and remove them;

2. Sometimes the global search fails to find the specified content, but it should be. At this time, clear the cache in the file “invalid caches / restart”;

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