Sparkmemo editor v0.1.0, a concise open source cross platform markdown editor


Sparkmemo editor v0.1.0, a concise open source cross platform markdown editor

I am a CS department student, usually like to write blog with markdown. My favorite editor isMoeditorBut unfortunately, it stopped releasing updated versions after it released the v0.2.0-beta version in August 2016.

I’ve tried to use other markdown editors, such as stackedit, typora, macdown, etc., but I haven’t found a cross platform editor with the style similar to moeditor.

At the same time, I hope that the new editor can be modularized to support custom markdown extension syntax and the function of custom theme, making it easier to write blogs or documents. In addition, I also hope that the new editor can simplify the difficulty of sharing markdown files, instead of manually finding the used image assets one by one and sorting them into a unified place every time I copy a markdown file to others.

I wanted to make a living by myself, but after I bought Sony dpt-rp1, an adverse e-paper reader, every time I use other editors to convert the markdown file into PDF for reading software documents on e-paper, the PDF exported by those editors will make many words or codes highlight hard to see, and the comprehensive user experience is not very good.

In the end, in the spirit of doing it yourself, I decided to use itElectronWrite an open source cross platformMarkdownEditor and named sparkmemo editor.

At present, the editor implements the following functions:

  • Github Flavored Markdown
  • Code highlighting
  • Mathjax mathematical formula
  • Mermaid chart
  • Adjust display mode [writing, reading, standard]
  • Export markdown files to PDF files that are easy to read on e-ink devices

At present, it supports windows, MacOS and Linux platforms.

The current version of v0.1.0 is not perfect and may have some bugs, but it has basically met the needs of ordinary writing. Other functions such as customizing markdown extension syntax, customizing themes, and exporting all images in markdown to a map bed or folder are currently under development plans.

If you have suggestions for some functions of sparkmemo editor, you are welcome to submit an issue on GitHub.

Click to go to GitHub > in sparkmemo editor

If you are interested, you are also welcome to give a star:)

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