Source insight4.0 most commonly used settings



1、Common functions

1. Common functions

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1.1 Global find:

Global find CTL+/

The search results are flipped back and forth: 1. Shift+f8 is the previous search object; 2. Shift+f9 the next search object;

1.2 Current file lookup:

Current file lookup ctl+f

The search results are flipped back and forth: 1. F3 previous search object; 2. F4 next search object;

1.3 Highlight settings:

Highlight: select the content to highlight F8

Alt+y, enter file type options configuration ->c/c++ source file->highlight references to completed symbol

1.4 Configure fonts and others:

Alt+y, enter file type options configuration ->c/c++ source file->screen front, and select the font you are used to

1.5 To configure auto indent:

Auto indent: alt+y opens the document options window, click auto, select the third smart indent, and remove the following two checkmarks. This is a better configuration. You can try the effect of tick, and then compare it with the effect of not tick.

1.6 other:

1. Ctrl+k is the shortcut key for copying a row
2. Ctrl+g jump to a line
3.alt + F12 can be switched to make the character width consistent or be displayed in different sizes. (solve the problem that the function is not highlighted)
4.ctrl + O search the file, press enter to open it, and ESC will exit if it cannot be found
5.alt + G (or F7) open symbol window
6. Ctrl + F to find keywords.
7. Ctrl + Shift + f full project search keyword

If there is no toolbar, you can pull it out;

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