Source Insight 4. X perfect activation cracking installation graphic tutorial (with replacement file + authorization file)


Source Insight 4.0It is the latest version at present. It is a professional C / C + + or Java language compiler. At the same time, source insight also has the function of code reading and supports C, C + +, ASM, PAS, ASP, HTML and other formats. Source insight is not only an excellent program editor, but also can display reference trees, class inheritance diagrams and call trees. In this article, we have sorted out two installation tutorials of source insight 4.0 cracked version, hoping to help you!

PS: the latest SourceInsight 4 0.0085 harmony license and harmony documents. The real version 4.085/4.086, released on April 5, 2017, uses the license file in the attachment to replace SourceInsight exe

Software name:
Source Insight 4.0. 0085/4.0. 0113 serial number patched free version (with replacement file + authorization file)
Software size:
Update time:
2020-06-05Download now

Crack installation tutorial:

1、 Alternative installation method:

1. First run the installer to install the original source insight 4

2. Accept the agreement and start the installation.

3. Select the installation path. It is recommended to install on a large disk, because some files will be generated in the future.

4. Start installation

5. Installation is complete.

6. Start cracking, open the installation directory, copy “sourceinsight4. Exe” in the cracking patch to the installation directory and replace the original file.

7. Start SourceInsight 4, and a prompt box for entering license will pop up

Select the third item to import the certificate, and then select si4 pediy. LIC this file, you can activate it successfully.

30 day trial cracking method:

After installation, open the software and select a 30 day service life. The software will automatically connect to the network and generate a 30 day license locally.

Second, go to the installation directory of source insight and open SourceInsight 4 with WinHex or UltraEdit Exe, the next operation is shown in the figure below.

Third, modify the trial license file. Switch to the path C: \ programdata \ source insight \ 4.0 (note to change the file to a hidden file, first click “view” on the top of the window, and then select “hidden items”)

Find si4 in the path above LIC file, open it with Notepad, change 2017 in expiration = “2017-xx-xx” to 2030-xx-xx, and the trial period will never expire

Fourth, prohibit source insight networking. Open “network sharing center”, select “Windows Firewall” in the lower left corner, and then select “advanced design” – > select “outbound rule” – > new rule “- > select” program “- > enter the startup program SourceInsight 4 under the installation path of source insight Exe – > block connection – > select all types of networks – > go to a name you like.

It has been cracked successfully. The trial period is 90 days each time.

The above is the source insight 4.0 installation and cracking tutorial compiled by Xiaobian. For your reference, I hope it will be helpful to you! Welcome to other related tutorials of developeppaer!