Sorting out the common attributes of frameset


The frame is that the web page screen is divided into several frame windows (different windows correspond to different pages, which are displayed in the form of several web pages), and multiple SRC addresses are obtained at the same time. All frame tags on the page need to be placed in a general HTML file. This file only records how the frame is divided and will not display any data, so it is not necessary to put < body > tags. To browse the frame, you must read the file that is not in other frames.

< frameset > is used to divide frame windows, each frame is marked by a < frame > tag, < frame > must be used in the < frameset > range.

Name =… “Defines the name of the frame
SCR =… “Defines the source of the content displayed in the frame
FrameBorder =… “Defines the boundary between frames (0 or 1)
Margwidth =… “Sets the spacing between the boundary of the frame and its contents
Marghieight =… “Sets the spacing between the boundary of the frame and its contents
NoResize =… “Keeps the size of the frame unchanged
Scrolling =… “Sets the representation of scrollbars (auto, yes, no)

Rows =… “Sets the number of rows
Cols =… “Sets the number of columns
Onload =… “Internal event trigger when loading a document
Onunload =… “Internal event trigger when unloading a document

Set the name of the web page file to be displayed in this window. Each window must correspond to a web page file.

Set the name of this frame window, so that you can specify the frame as the link. You must name it arbitrarily.

Set the border of the frame. The values are only 0 and 1. 0 means no border, 1 means border.

Represents the distance between frames to the remaining white space between frames.

Sets the border color of the frame.

Set whether to display scrolls. Yes means to display scrolls. No means not to display scrolls anyway. Auto depends on the situation.

The setting does not allow the user to change the size of the frame. If this parameter is not set, the user can pull the frame to change its size at will.

Represents the space reserved by the edge of the height portion of the frame.

Represents the space reserved by the edge of the width portion of the frame.

NoResize = “no” drag is not allowed

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