Some users installed win10 kb4554364 patch, which broke the WiFi solution


Microsoft recently released a patch update for kb4554364 for windows 10 to PCs running Windows 10 version 1903 and 1903. This update did not add any new features as expected in the cumulative update, but fixed the problem that the virtual private network could not be networked. However, like most cumulative updates, kb4554364 patch obviously has its own problems.

It home learned that now, many users complain that the updated patch of kb4554364 leads to WiFi problems. Now, connecting a Windows 10 device running the kb4554364 update patch to the Wi Fi modem / router will return the following error message:

Socket error 0×2200021

c:/windows/sywow64/appidpolicyengineApi.dll, instruction cannot be read

The report has not been recognized by Microsoft, which means that there is no official solution.

A simple solution is to uninstall the kb4554364 update patch first.

How to uninstall windows 10 kb4554364 update

set up”Apply

Click“Update and security”Options.

In“Update and security”Switch to on screen“Windows Update”Tab.

Click“View update history”Options.

Click“Uninstall updates”Link.

The above is what Xiaobian brought to you. Some users installed win10 kb4554364 patch, which destroyed the whole content of WiFi solution. I hope it will help you. Please continue to pay attention to more contentdeveloppaer

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