Some thoughts on reading the essence of poverty


I’ve been watching it recentlyThe essence of povertyThis book, and then combined with the views in the book and some thoughts of recent work, wrote such an article to share some of my ideas with you.

Some thoughts on reading the essence of poverty

At the end of the book, I summarize five points: the reason why poor people are always poor is because they read translated books. Here I repeat them in my own words:

  1. The poor usually lack information sources and believe in the wrong things;
  2. The poor have more factors to consider in their lives;
  3. Some markets that serve the poor are disappearing, or in these markets, the poor are at a disadvantage;
  4. Poor countries will not help the poor because of poverty;
  5. What people can or can’t do will eventually become a kind of self-discipline;

How to get rid of the technical bottleneck?

According to the above conclusions, we can make an analogy between the wealth people get and our technical ability to think deeply about why many people are still at the threshold of intermediate engineer after five or even ten years of work, and how we should avoid such things.

Active access to information

Poor people often lack information and believe in the wrong things.

Take the recent epidemic for example, some people feel that vaccines and masks are useless, leading to infection, unable to pay high medical costs and falling into the poverty trap.

Do we have such problems in the development process?

If you have been using the old development mode in the company, it is easy to be out of touch with the current development mode. What we have to do is to jump out of this development mode. Actively put forward suggestions to leaders to change the status quo. If it can’t be changed, accumulate more and then change the environment. For example, first of all, some modules of some projects should be migrated, at least a simple demo should be made, so that your colleagues or leaders can see the benefits.

Of course, even if your current company uses some cutting-edge technologies, they will gradually become obsolete. This requires us to have the ability to actively obtain information. For example, I will subscribe to some front-end weekly through RSS and continue to pay attention to some new technologies.

Some thoughts on reading the essence of poverty

Less complaining, more thinking

The poor have more factors to consider in their lives;

Poor countries will not help the poor because of poverty;

Some markets that serve the poor are disappearing, or in these markets, the poor are at a disadvantage;

The book has spent a lot of time expounding these views, citing a lot of real survey results. The rich are far more efficient and easier than the poor. For example, the bank will give priority to the loan business for millions of customers, while the poor will usually be refused to go to the bank for loan business because they have no mortgaged assets and can not obtain the trust of the bank. At the same time, those in power in poor countries will give priority to the interests of themselves or their supporters when making policies. It’s hard for the poor to get financial aid, and even if they do, they will be embezzled by government officials in the middle.

Through the above example, we can also think that when we learn new technology, we often complain that we can’t learn any more. If you don’t take the initiative to learn, it’s easy to be eliminated. Just as the rich are more likely to get loans from banks, big companies will give more priority to candidates with a more solid technical foundation and a broader technological vision.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that we have to learn new technologies immediately. We can only choose some things that we are interested in for in-depth study. Take the packaging tools, for example, the new vite, webpack and rollup, which we often use. In the process of learning, how should we choose. For vite, we should first try to understand its advantages, that is, we try to support the modularization of ESM through modern browsers, which saves the steps of traditional packaging tools such as relying on searching and file merging, and optimizes the service startup process in the development process. Its disadvantages are also obvious, that is, the development environment is not packaged, but needs to be packaged when it is released, It will lead to the inconsistency between the development and the published code.

Some thoughts on reading the essence of poverty

So when new technology appears, try to understand and think about the principle of things, rather than simply master the use of methods, it will be very difficult. Looking back at the early API of react and the current API, you will find that there is a big difference.

How to look at the front end not doing business?

There is a saying in the book:

Many poor people have several jobs, but this is also inefficient. If they are not professional enough, it is difficult for them to become experts in any field. In the city, some women are involved in three different occupations, while some men are unable to concentrate on one job because they want to return to the village every few weeks. These people will give up the opportunity to learn their main business skills and increase their experience, and then miss the benefits of specializing in their areas of expertise.

When you see this sentence, it’s easy to contact with your usual work. Is it because it involves many fields, it leads to your low efficiency. Then I think of the confusion I fell into when I first started my career. I know that my title is a front-end engineer, but I always do things that are not in line with my position.

In my career, I did a lot of things that didn’t match the front-end position. For example, I have done some PHP work, and I have also done some SQL data report work. Although these things are not very in-depth, but for me to expand their knowledge to provide help. And doing these things will not affect my further knowledge of front end. As a front-end programmer, you must be a programmer first. As a programmer, you must have some basic skills of a programmer. No matter what language it is, it’s essentially something about variable assignment, condition judgment and circular operation. So we don’t need to be afraid when we encounter things, just do it.

How should we look at the problems mentioned in the above book?

In Marx’s capital, labor is divided into simple labor and complex labor. The so-called simple labor is mechanical and repetitive labor, does not need special basic knowledge, and most of them are manual labor; Complex labor needs systematic learning and training, and most of them are mental labor.

For simple labor, because most of it is related to physical strength, our bodies will summarize some skills if we are engaged in a certain physical work for a long time. For example, if I move bricks for a long time, I will know how to move them more easily. But later, when I go to farm, the previous skills of moving bricks are not helpful to me, so the above mentioned skills will appear, If you are engaged in many different occupations in a short time, you will lose that part of the benefits brought by long-term empirical accumulation.

Some thoughts on reading the essence of poverty

What we do belongs to complex labor. For complex labor, we need to pay more attention to our own ability than skills. So how do we distinguish between skills and abilities?

For example, if I write a project with Vue today and react tomorrow, I can request the server data through the fetch API within the appropriate life cycle of the components of the two frameworks to complete the product requirements, which we can call skills. The ability is to quickly locate whether it is the ability of our code or the problem of back-end service when the component request fails.

Therefore, in the process of front-end development, we should try our best to improve my ability. After all, skills can have a half-life over time. For example, people who used flash to complete web effects more than ten years ago have no use in mastering flash skills. As time goes on, ability can reflect its value more and more.

Some thoughts on reading the essence of poverty

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