Some thoughts on NXP entering station B


The story originated from a company email last Friday, with the title of “the first original video of NXP station B has played more than 10000″. The company’s Marcom department specially sent this email to all employees, and encouraged them to actively make interesting videos related to DIY work, so as to provide materials for the company’s budding up owner.

So ruffian Hengdian opened the company’s official homepage in station B, and you can see that there are 13 videos. The earliest video was released on January 10, 2021. In fact, NXP officially entered station B this year.

Station B has always been a cultural and entertainment community focusing on the trend of young people. To be honest, even the original embedded chip factory is an international giant, its popularity in the market has not been high enough (here generally refers to walking on the street and asking 100 people casually, how many people have heard of the original factory’s name), and its corporate image has never been able to match the trend of young people.

In station B, piziheng specially searched the embedded chip manufacturers in Europe, America and Japan one by one. At present, only six of them have settled in. According to the total broadcast volume, they are adeno semiconductor (480000), Meixin semiconductor (271000), NXP NXP China (37000), Texas Instruments (13000), Infineon China (11000) and silicon labs core technology (7200).

It can be seen that the original manufacturers of embedded chips are not the mainstream in station B, and the broadcast volume is not in line with the status of an international giant. In fact, it’s not only the original embedded chip manufacturers, but also famous international companies such as Microsoft and Intel, which are not among the top companies in station B. I think it has something to do with the attributes of station B, and of course it has something to do with the industry characteristics of chip companies.

Station B is a video platform first, and it was a video platform for ACG (animation, comics, games) content creation and sharing in the early stage. After more than ten years of development, it has gradually built into a multi-cultural community covering more than 7000 interest circles. For engineers, it is also the largest professional video sharing learning platform, especially the young engineers, more and more accept the mode of video learning.

Chip companies often have their own very professional official website, which has all the information. These information are very rigorous technical documents, reference manuals and software codes. These things are not interesting, but they are very useful. No matter how boring they are, users will read them carefully and try their best to use them.

So for the chip factory, is it necessary to go to station B to do video? Generally speaking, it is unnecessary, but if there are some promotions involving new products, new solutions and new technologies, a popular video will really help to increase the exposure. Moreover, the larger the enterprise is, the more attention the senior management of the company pays to the cultural construction. A video that can reflect the employees’ active working and living conditions can also well publicize the corporate image.

Anyway, from NXP, we can see that chip manufacturers have realized that they should try to embrace and cater to the tastes of young people. This is a good thing. Let’s wait and see.