Some problems related to kiali’s service degradation and concealment


Record two questions

1. Service inkialiOfApplicationsandWorkloadsShow as degraded
2. After the service has been deletedkialiOfGraphThe display still exists


After istio is deployed to the pre sent cluster, goproject is usedThe test shows that the service is degraded (yellow) and
In the process of repeated testing, the old service has been deleted and still displayed on the graph.

The two problems are shown in the two figures

  • Pod status is displayed as proxy unsynchroned
  • Those in the blue box don’t exist now, but they can still be displayed

The above two problems can be understood as follows:

1. Service degradation
2. Insidious


Question 1

Istio associates services through DR and vs, the most important of which is the label specification. For example, there should be app, service and versions labels. The versions label cannot be a string or decimal, that is, it can only be a positive integer

Question 2

1. This problem can be solved by reconstructing Prometheus
2. It can be solved by hide

Example: hidden goproject — > app = goproject

executive summary

Although istio still has a lot of pits and there are not many documents available, this is the trend. For example, kubernetes 1.8 does not use many pits, but the trend is it.