Some points to pay attention to in new Google play


Some points to pay attention to in new Google play
There are many things to pay attention to when uploading applications on Google play. Let me just say a few common points to pay attention to. If you have any questions or ideas, please leave a message, discuss and exchange views. If you are also a friend of the sea going products, you can pay attention to my free Planet: sea going product notes, it will be more convenient to ask questions or discuss, and you can also check some resources previously sent.

The first point is still the old topic, that is, the environment of using Google play console. It’s better not to be associated with other accounts, independent IP and independent computer. If the account has been sealed before, we should pay more attention to it. We can’t seal the product before it has been connected. When it comes to association seal, in addition to IP, network and other factors, there will also be a problem, that is, code similarity. If your code is similar to the code of other products, these products may be associated. Once something happens to one product, other products may also have problems. Therefore, if this is the case, we must change more.

The second point is policy. We must pay attention to which red lines cannot be stepped on. For example, in order to measure quickly and brush wildly, it is easy to be killed. For another example, to induce users to give you favorable comments, which is also directly closed, I have suffered this loss. There are other policies, so whether it’s product or operation, responsible students should look at others’ documents to prevent “mistakes”.

The third point is the key words. The selection of key words must be accurate. Otherwise, it’s difficult for products to have natural flow. A product can’t be promoted by throwing money all the time, unless it’s a special category. Therefore, we must find the key words of our products so that the target users can find you.

Fourth, new products will not be downloaded in the first few days. Some of them can’t be searched even in ten and a half days. Search can not find the situation, some are really not in time, some are because of the problem of keywords. If you want to improve this situation, it’s better to push a little bit and let the product go a little bit. Before tweeting, it’s better to give users a good impression of the product. It’s better for users to see five-star favorable comments, which will help increase the natural flow of the product. I plan to provide download services with 5 points and favorable keywords. Of course, there are only 5 services, not Doha. If you want, you can chat with me in the knowledge planet of “sea products”.

Fifth, understand the ranking mechanism of Google play. In the application market of all apps, users see a list, and the apps that users can view and download are usually the top ten at most. Therefore, if you want to improve the ranking, you have to consider the app. To improve the ranking, we should not only rely on promotion, but also know what factors affect the ranking. Generally, it includes download volume, praise rate, bug rate, product experience, etc.

Sixth, localization. Be sure to know the target user’s language and habits. The mainstream language in many places is not English, so it is necessary to localize it, otherwise users do not know the product and its functions. Pay attention to the local habits of users to avoid the discomfort of products to the target users, so that the products can be grounded, so as to better integrate into their lives.

Seventh, data statistics. This is a technical problem. The size, shape and separation rate of mobile phones in different countries are different. Different manufacturers deal with Android systems more or less, and may need to do some adaptation work. So it’s necessary to count these information. The other is that we need to know some basic data, such as download volume, retention rate, secondary installation, bug rate, etc. We can also see some in Google play console.

OK, after summarizing the above points, I’m sure there are still many things that haven’t been mentioned. You can leave a message to add ha. If you think it’s useful, click “looking” and share!