Some pits you need to avoid when installing a computer


First of all, this essay is based on my own installation experience. Many of them are holes I have stepped on. It is mainly to help people who are about to install the machine. It is not suitable for pure white people who know nothing about the computer.
1. Before installing the machine, be sure to understand your own needs. Unless you don’t care about the money and go directly to the top configuration, it will be really troublesome to start the whole body. For example, some people say: I usually work without playing games and occasionally play so and so games. However, the office level configuration can’t play this game. Even occasionally, even once a month, it’s your demand. Some think it’s unnecessary to wear a motherboard with WiFi, Unless you have a network cable and the host will never move away, it is not only troublesome for you to buy another network card, but also consider the compatibility of various accessories. You can’t put it in the position of the chassis, whether the network card installed in the position of the motherboard blocks other things, whether the network card occupies your M2 interface, etc. If you need to connect several Bluetooth devices at the same time, be sure to see how many devices are connected to your Bluetooth at most, otherwise you will feel uncomfortable without one. After all, I may use it, which means I have this demand. Finally, it is not recommended that pure novices, that is, those who try to install their own machine for the first time, try foreign garbage. No matter how cheap it is, it is also money. The probability of foreign garbage overturning is much greater than your normal installation, and the probability of second-hand parts having problems is also greater. When there is a problem, you don’t even know how many problems have occurred. You think only one place is broken, but there may be problems in three places.
2. The power supply of the motherboard should not be saved, it should be as stable as possible, and the chassis should be selected as many as possible. The motherboard interface should be as complete as possible, and the motherboard with WiFi should be bought as far as possible. Otherwise, the USB wireless network card may not be equipped with Bluetooth, and the network is unstable. If you disconnect it occasionally, you may experience the hell of interrupting in the game for a few hours and not giving you settlement for nothing. Many PCIe network cards are equipped with Bluetooth, However, the wing link ax200 I bought can only be installed on the motherboard with two M2 interfaces. It also takes up one port, that is, you can only use one M2 port for two m2. For another example, the memory frequency of the motherboard only supports 2666. Although it can be used to buy a memory with frequency 3000, it can not play frequency 3000.
3. In terms of power supply, the load should be about 60% or more than 100 watts higher than the toaster. In this way, the power supply is stable. In addition, if you buy a reliable power supply, there will be almost no problem. After all, if there is a problem with the power supply, all internal components may be damaged. Don’t lose more than the gain. In addition, when you buy, you should also look at the size. Whether the chassis is installed or not.
4. The size of the chassis should be appropriate as far as possible. If it needs to be moved, even once a year, it should be as small as possible. It will never be moved at home, and it can be put down. It can be larger, with better heat dissipation design. If it needs to be taken away, it should be itx as far as possible. Try not to leave large seams and holes in the chassis. If there is a little ash in the home, the chassis will be full of ash in a few months.
5. There’s nothing to say about CPU. You can directly see what level it is by watching other people’s configuration, game testing, or directly looking at the ladder. Usually, you can choose a better multi-core for more than a dozen windows. Some games need a stronger single core, just according to your own needs. When installing the machine, especially the U of AMD platform, you must protect the pins. Don’t look at it as metal, but gently overwhelm it, It’s OK to pull it back carefully with a blade. If it’s broken accidentally, it’s likely to be scrapped directly. Intel’s has no pins.
6. When you buy a graphics card, you must be optimistic about where it is installed on the motherboard and whether it will conflict with other things. And itx should pay special attention to whether the chassis is installed or not. Sometimes you think it can be installed. In fact, it can’t be inserted by one centimeter or half centimeter, or the top is dead. There are errors in everything.
7. Try to buy the memory according to the demand. Two 4G is enough. There is no need to buy two 8g. The memory may overturn and conflict with the motherboard. There is no problem with the memory and the motherboard, that is, only one memory can be inserted. When buying a memory module with a vest, be sure to see the distance from the heat dissipation. Your vest may cause this thing to be blocked.
8. There’s nothing to say about the hard disk. It’s not necessary. There’s nothing wrong with a small solid-state first. What’s more, it’s recommended to install the system, put games or files, and buy a mechanical disk. Pay attention to the type of mechanical hard disk. Don’t buy a laminated disk, but a vertical one.
9. If the heat dissipation is low, there is no problem with the U self-contained one. If you can’t hold it down, you can buy a heat dissipation. The sound of air cooling is loud at the same temperature, and the sound of water cooling is low, but it’s more expensive.
Finally, when installing the machine, you need to prepare: a screwdriver, which is thin and long, with a diameter of 4mm and a length of 10cm, should be enough. At least I use it very well, and there is no problem. There are about 2 pieces of Yibao with magnetic head, and it is convenient to choose a longer box like itx. If your finger strength is OK, these are enough, You can also equip a vice in case you can’t screw on the motherboard screw seat. It’s sometimes difficult to screw the motherboard screw seat onto the chassis. In addition, before installing the machine, touch the metal such as iron railings and iron doors before taking out the motherboard or other parts, and wash your hands, because you may have static electricity, especially in winter, which may directly damage these parts of the motherboard. Other basic points to pay attention to during installation are discussed in each installation video. Just install according to the installation video.