Some old MacBook Pro users failed to update MacOS Big Sur


As we all know, Apple released the MacOS Big Sur operating system at the recent new product launch. Big Sur is a new MacOS operating system specially built by apple for M1 SOC. It can give full play to the performance of Apple M1 and respond more quickly. However, after the official launch of the system, many netizens in the process of updating to MacOS Big Sur, their machine was stuck and showed a black screen, interested friends should not miss it.

部分MacBook Pro老用户请注意 macOS Big Sur更新会出现故障

According to the report, after trying to install the update, the key reset combinations including NVRAM, SMC, security mode and Internet recovery cannot be accessed, and there is no way to bypass the static black screen.

The vast majority of users who encountered problems were 13 inch MacBook Pro users at the end of 2013 and the middle of 2014, but it is not clear how many users of these models were affected. There is no way to solve a series of problems with MacOS Big Sur, and apple said it is also under investigation.

Before making clear the possible causes of the problem and Apple’s repair plan, it is suggested that 13 inch MacBook Pro users at the end of 2013 and the middle of 2014 should postpone the installation of MacOS Big Sur and upgrade it after improvement.

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