Some new insights into PHP framework, rapid development of that thing


As soon as the PHP framework is mentioned, there will be introductions, rankings and comparisons of larravel, Yii, CodeIgniter, Zend, ThinkPHP, etc. Especially in China, laravel and ThinkPHP have a great controversy. Laravel will always be the top of the list. TP performance will be many times higher than larravel, and some analytic graphs will be provided.

Frame selection

  • There is no best framework, only one that suits you best
  • If you take a part of the performance to measure or select a framework, Java laughs
  • If you want to choose the most understandable framework, think PHP is the best. You can understand you without thinking about it, and then follow your routine
  • Laravel’s thinking is sporadic and difficult to understand. Once understood, we can truly appreciate the elegance. However, it will be quite painful in the process of experiencing elegance. From the beginning, it is not what I want to become, which is what I want. Although it is a bit bulky, it has very good flexibility. It almost does not need to rebuild some wheels or repair some loopholes. Its stability is beyond doubt, So that’s why it’s top one

Rapid development is the essence of PHP

  • Many people are worried about the future of PHP, there are support and opposition, the scene is out of control, but on the contrary, the more intense the debate, it means more people pay attention, so don’t underestimate the strength of PHP
  • PHP does have some shortcomings in terms of performance, but is it really unacceptable? Obviously not. The most important reason is the skills of the developers themselves, and PHP is constantly upgrading and evolving. Swotole has proved that the starting point of PHP is not perfect, but at least the direction is right. Load balancing and caching are all to improve the performance of PHP
  • However, the real meaning of PHP is rapid development, which is the label PHP set for itself from the beginning, which is still irreplaceable at present. No matter what popular PHP framework you use, the development speed is always balanced

How to choose rapid development

  • The choice of PHP framework has become a foregone conclusion. The choice of PHP framework is always in the process of several popular frameworks. Although some phpers have made their own wheels and built some frameworks, and various rapid development manuals and even some open source project templates, if you read more, you will find that it is difficult to choose one of them as development, and some of them are not fast, so they are basically old-fashioned It’s faster to choose a few popular frames and build wheels on them
  • So is there a real PHP rapid development framework? Tphp framework(’s probably the answer you want

Tphp framework features

  • Composer in laravel relies on development, so tphp is not a real framework, it is a solution of rapid development
  • The code is concise and easy to understand. In addition to rapid development, it is also very simple to maintain. At a glance, you can find the code path that needs to be modified
  • JS, CSS development is simpler, no need to switch directories, and support SCSS
  • Background built-in code editor to write code
  • Supported database types: MySQL, sqlserver, SQLite, PostgreSQL
  • Support data association query between different types of databases
  • Support database field synchronization (asynchronous data), steps: first backup database field to local file, file update to server, server restore field to database
  • Background user menu authority management

Tphp framework FAQ

  • If you can’t look at tphp framework with normal MVC thinking, you may be more or less unaccustomed
  • The tphp framework directory structure is a bit like a native state, and may be a bit unfamiliar with the use of namespace classes or functions
  • Because the development of tphp is too simple to show the complexity of the code, it is not used to PHPer who likes advanced playing methods
  • In short, only by “lowering” ourselves can we realize the charm of tphp

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