Some learning process of PHP to go



  1. My first contact with programming was in 2016. At that time, I learned PHP out of my personal hobbies and in order to subsidize some living expenses. I was responsible for the construction and maintenance of the school’s websites, large and small. During this period, I was basically working in the UniversityimoocIt took half a year to brush 5000 + experience

  2. In the second half of 2017, I was basically responsible for the development of some functional websites. Together with my senior brothers, I made the freshman orientation system of a university and the educational administration system of a training institution

  3. After graduation in 2018, I went to a company doing government related business. One person started to work on projects from 0, including demand research, architecture, code, training and after-sales. In early 2020, when the project was reconstructed, there were four people in the team, which was a little easier. It took half a year to basically complete the reconstruction

  4. But in the past two years, apart from crud, I haven’t learned much. In fact, the first company I went to after graduation is not really an Internet company. So I plan to quit this job in September to give myself a chance to grow up


  1. I first came into contact with go at the end of 18. At that time, I heard that the learning difficulty of go was basically the same as that of PHP, but its performance could catch up with Java, so I went to see the basis of go

  2. I learned go from top to bottom. After understanding the basic syntax of go, I found the web framework related to go on the Internet. After the final decision, I plan to learn it firstBeego frameworkAt the beginning of the specific use, also in theimoocIt’s from above
    After reading the course, there is no problem in writing a small blog on the basis of other language development experience (for new knowledge, watching video learning, some things are easy to understand, but in the end, we must learn to read the documents directly)
    Why should I study from top to bottom instead of looking at the bottom first? I personally feel thatMake things first, then do them wellIt’s easier to stick to it. When you find that you can use it to make functions, it’s easier to keep your motivation to continue to learn. At the beginning, you want to see the underlying implementation logic. Maybe you won’t be so interested if you learn half of it

  3. After learning how to use the framework, I wrote aChat room items, andSome practical toolsSource address

  4. When there is no problem in using the framework, I want to have a deep understanding of the underlying implementation logic of the framework, such as how the framework worksCall up Web ServicesYesHow is ORM implemented… … wait
    After that, due to some problems in use, I joined the relevant technology group. Because I was usually active, the students in charge of project maintenance contacted me and asked me to help write some small functions. In my spare time, I participated in the development of related functions. After successfully submitting some PR, it was convenient for me to find a job later

  5. The use of the framework is no problem. It’s time to learn the use and implementation logic of some official commonly used packages. Here are the records of my studyPart code

  6. Common package learning almost, we should go a step further to understand some of the go itself, such asThe underlying logic of mapThe underlying logic of deferGoroutine scheduling (GMP)Here, we strongly recommend reading theDesign and implementation of go languageA series of articles

  7. In fact, when you are familiar with go grammar in the middle of the first and second steps, it is also a good way to brush the questions directly in leetcode. However, for the purpose of being familiar with the grammar, it is recommended to brush them in the early stageSimple and difficult questionsIt’s OK

  8. So far, the problems related to go language have been basically solved, and the rest is the learning outside the language, such as the algorithm related content mentioned in the previous point, such as cluster related content, which is also my relatively weak place


Next month, I will be a free man, hoping to become a real gopher as soon as possible

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