Some knowledge of link promotion


Today’s products basically need to be promoted. No matter the size of the company, there are TVs and networks. At present, wechat promotion has to be mentioned in the field of network, which can be said to be the relatively mainstream way to promote social software.
Some knowledge of link promotion
But there will also be problems, that is, domain names are often sealed, short links can not be opened, three days and two ends have to change domain names, changing domain names is a small matter, user loss is a big matter, directly linked to interests. So we have to talk about domain name anti sealing technology. Wechat domain name anti sealing refers to the realization of prepayment measures through technical means. It is impossible to say that you can completely prevent sealing. It is also boastful to say that the domain name will not die. What we need to do is to make our domain name longer, cheaper and more effective.
So how to achieve domain name sealing? Now I’d like to talk about my own experience in anti sealing.

What is the function of wechat domain name anti seal encryption?
Wechat domain name anti sealing interface is mainly used to help customers promote in wechat ecological environment, use the exclusive technology of monkey data, automatically switch domain names, and avoid frequent wechat sealing.

What do you need to prepare to use this interface?

  1. The domain name for filing has passed the filing and can be opened directly in the wechat environment. There are at least two domain names that have not been sealed.
  2. Pan resolution of filed domain name to designated IP (

For the registration of alicloud domain name, please refer to the following article for Pan resolution…

For Tencent cloud domain name registration, please refer to the following article for Pan resolution…

3. Set items, domain names, and generate short links in the user background of monkey data

On the reason of domain name being sealed

  1. The source of the domain name, which has a black history in wechat, has been used by people and has a bad record in wechat, was later restored by people in various ways and transferred to you. This domain name is easy to be sealed.
  2. Too much domain name sharing and forwarding.
  3. The content of the site pointed to by the domain name is illegal, and the site content is recorded with HTML structure characteristics by wechat.
  4. The structural characteristics of wechat site URL record for content violations.
  5. Peer competition, malicious report.
  6. The server IP is added to the blacklist.

Offer sealing solution

  1. Domain name of old station and famous station

It’s actually the springboard principle. The domain names that have been established for a long time and are relatively well-known in the industry are the least likely to be blocked by wechat. When the jump code is injected into the above-mentioned website and then I use my website, such as security, to make a jump and point to the landing page, the possibility of being blocked by wechat is very small; there are also peers who use integration software to solve this problem, which I can discuss separately with you.

  1. Wechat domain name detection interface

Wechat domain name detection interface, to prevent trouble in advance. This can be developed by yourself or purchased.

  1. Domain name change

Take domain a as the shared domain name; domain B as the landing domain name (that is, the domain name that users can see when visiting); only when we jump from domain a to domain B, domain B shows the content we want to show to users. If we copy the web address of B directly, it will open only a wrong page or non illegal content, that is, if TA clicks the upper right corner to report, it will report And visit although it is the same website, but the content is different. So as to prevent the domain name from being blocked to the greatest extent.

  1. Report button at the top right corner of wechat

Through technology, the report button in the upper right corner of wechat is blocked, which makes users unable to report directly. The report function of wechat is directly blocked, and the effect is very good. Wechat technology is constantly upgrading and updating, and there will be an opportunity to summarize the anti blocking mechanism and experience for everyone to exchange in the future.
Some knowledge of link promotion

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