Some feelings of PHP transferring to go to employment


It’s been half a month since I started working in PHP to golang
Always want to leave their so-called experience and feelings, but the previous period is really too busy, has no time and energy to code words

In fact, it is not only a change of language, but also a change of environment. From a small workshop with dozens of people to a large workshop with thousands of people, the rhythm is still a bit out of place

To get to the point, let’s talk about the interview experience first

  1. Study hard (isn’t that nonsense? You have to study hard at any time)

    The key is how to study well?
    Judge what you should learn according to the current stage and the level of the company you want to go to
    If you want to go to a slightly larger company, you have to look at the bottom, as I mentioned in the previous articledravenessIn particular, some of the underlying data structure, and is to master the basic algorithm, at leastleecodeThe above basic algorithm problems generally know the solution
    Just graduated soon and do not plan to go to a large company, learn a few popular framework OK, for exampleginbeegogoframeYou can understand the bottom layer of the framework. You can get a lot of pointsFried fishBig guy’s blog

  2. More active in relevant communities

    When you get to know a lot of people in the community, you will get to know a lot more quickly and learn with me

  3. A planned interview

    Don’t go to the company you want to go for an interview at the beginning. First interview a few companies that you don’t think have a great intention. Accumulate experience is very important. If you go to the company you want to go to for an interview at the beginning, you may not be able to give full play to the level you should have. It is suggested that you should interview at least 3-5 other companies before going to the company you want to interview, and the interview will last Of course, at the end of each interview, you should summarize the interview questions and add some unfamiliar knowledge points
    There is also more to see other people’s face, really useful

  4. Be confident when interviewing

    When interviewing, you should be confident, but you can’t be complacent. Even if you can’t, just admit it directly, but don’t say it directly. I won’t finish it. “I don’t know about this, but I’ve learned about it. My understanding is…”

And then it’s the feeling of half a month

I used to feel that my former company was too busy to find a company that could learn something. So I came to the present company, there are many big guys in it, and I can really learn a lot, but it is not as good as I imagined at first. The average working hours in this half month are 11.2 hours.Some feelings of PHP transferring to go to employmentIt feels like the whole person is not good
After the company did not have special training, directly let me write the business code, before the business is familiar, I wrote with trepidation
The company is currently in a large number of enrollment expansion stage, the organizational structure is not clear, leading to their work is also relatively chaotic, received a lot of demand, simply can not come over

Complaining is all about complaining, but the company is still very good. At least it really learned something and got to know a lot of technical experts. After all, the future is more important
I stepped on a huge pit yesterday. I went home from about 4:00 p.m. to 1.30 p.m., and then I went back to the afternoon today (it’s almost time to step on it after work). It’s really tiring. Fortunately, there are a lot of big guys on the side, otherwise people can’t solve it. The last investigation is the conflict between the basic service of k8s and discovery (no wonder it can’t be repeated locally)

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