Solve the problem that oracle12c creates user prompt ora-65096: invalid public user name or role


1. background

Oracle 11g has been used before. There is no problem in creating users. Today, when creating users on Oracle 12C, an error is reported. The following picture:

I was very depressed, so I opened the official Oracle website and found that there are restrictions on creating users.

2. Solutions

When creating a user, the user name starts with C or C.

Error writing: create user zhaojiedi identified by Oracle;

Correct writing method: create user C ×××××××××;

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3. Solution process

The following process is my solution to this problem, and I also write it out to share.

I entered the official document of Oracle 12C

Go to the following pages in turn

Oracle 12C home page

Administrator’s Guide

Managing Users and Securing the Database

Oracle Database Security Guide

Creating User Accounts

After some searching, we found the following content on the creating user accounts page:

The above tips are very clear To create a public user name, you must start with C or C. Our report above is wrong It’s because we didn’t start with C or C to create public users.

Now we know the cause of the specific error Then there’s a winning solution.

If you’re still struggling with what public and local users are, the creating user accounts page has a brief introduction.


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