Solve the problem of Wireshark “no interface found” in win10


What if Wireshark can’t find an interface in win10?Recently, Wireshark network analyzer was used to capture packets. However, when the software Wireshark network analyzer was opened, it directly showed “no interface found”. Today, Xiaobian brought you the solution that Wireshark could not find an interface under win10. Interested friends come to understand it.

The solution of Wireshark display interface not found in win10 system

Solutions available online:

1. The npcap of Wireshark does not support win10. You need to download win10pcap again. The download address is . When installing, you need to close Wireshark and then re open Wireshark.

2. Open the command prompt window with the administrator’s permission as follows: enter the net start NPF command, and the following prompt will appear (Note: if the command window is not opened as an administrator, the command will fail to execute). Finally, open the Wireshark software as an administrator.

My solution:

However, after testing the above methods, it still failed to solve the problem. After opening the Wireshark analyzer, it still showed that the interface was not found. Then, the Wireshark software was re installed, and win10pcap was re installed. However, after opening the latest Wireshark, it still showed that the interface was not found. Finally, it tried to uninstall the npcap program of Wireshark in 360 software management, The Wireshark program is opened again and solved successfully.

Wireshark download address:

The above is the whole content of “solving Wireshark’s” no interface “problem under win10” shared by developer. I hope it can help you,developpaerContinue to release more information, welcome your attention.