Solve the problem of phpstudy MySQL startup failure under Windows system


report errors

The Apache / nginx service started normally, but MySQL failed to start all the time.

Solution process

Check whether the port is occupied

Open the resource manager provided by the system to check whether listening port 3306 is occupied. In the figure below, port 3306 is occupied mysqld.exe occupy, mysqld.exe It is a MySQL service provided by phpstudy. If it is not mysqld.exe If 3306 is occupied, you can follow the steps below to close it.

Open the service provided by the system

Switch local MySQL service

There are two MySQL services in the discovery service, one is MySQL and the other is MySQL la. The reason is that I have installed MySQL locally before, and the MySQL installed by myself is started by default. Now you just need to stop the MySQL service and start the MySQL La service.


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