Solve the problem of “operating system error 5 (access denied)” in SQL Server database backup. Backup database is terminating abnormally. ” Wrong solution


SQL Server database backup “operating system error 5 (access denied)”. Backup database is terminating abnormally. ” Wrong. How can we solve this problem? Xiao Bian today recommends a solution for you.

Generally, this error occurs when the directory selected for the backup file is the root directory of the disk or the partition selected for the backup is not granted the SQL Server User read-write permission.

The solution is to grant permissions to SQL Server users

Select the folder to be backed up, right-click properties security to see if the name “group or user” includes authenticated users, because it is all the authenticated accounts included on the computer or in the active directory. If it has, it will be assigned the read-write permission. If it does not click Edit add advanced to find the user and add it, Then assign permissions to it. (Note: when logging in to SQL server as windows, assign permissions to this user. If you log in with other login methods, add “group or user name” accordingly.)


The above is the SQL Server database backup “operating system error 5” solution, I hope to help you learn.