Solve the problem of “no package qualified for installation” in the installation of black apple


When the author installed the idle version of uuos x El 10.11.6 (15g31) CDR on an old notebook hard disk, he successfully entered the installation interface, but “there is no software package qualified for installation, please contact the software manufacturer for help”.

Other versions have this problem. Later, I found a solution in the forum. It turned out to be a matter of time.

You may also encounter: when reorganizing the MAC system, you may encounter “the copy of the application cannot verify that it may have been damaged or tampered with during the download process”, which is caused by the incorrect time of the motherboard, and can be solved by modifying the time of the terminal.


Open utility – terminal

If your Mac is networked, enter the following code:


However, it is usually impossible to connect to the Internet during installation

We can only input: date 07051205218.03 (set a time after 2015 here, because the release time of 10.11 is 2015)

After entering, exit the terminal at the terminal.

Then install it again.

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