Solve the problem of malicious screen swiping Huawei security detection and ensure the security of Russian satellite news agency APP


The news application of the Russian satellite communications agency, which has millions of users worldwide, has officially accessed Huawei’s security detection service, and through the system integrity detection function, it has first solved the problem of malicious comment brushing in the application market caused by black production because the application is root.

Solve the problem of malicious screen swiping Huawei security detection and ensure the security of Russian satellite news agency APP

According to Dmitry priemov, director of mobile devices for news applications under the Russian satellite communication agency, after technical analysis, it is found that many devices installing their applications have been deleted. For Android phones that have been root, the application can be privileged, and individuals can modify it as needed, which means that the device environment in which the application runs is very risky. In addition, there have been many screen swiping of malicious comments in their applications in the app store. Some root devices have installed malicious list swiping viruses. Hackers use user device account information as a list swiping zombie to write a large number of negative comments on their applications in the app store. This malicious operation greatly reduces the score of the application in the store, resulting in the loss of a large number of new users. Even so, developers cannot prevent users from using their applications because they detect that the device environment is at risk. This situation makes Dmitry priemov and his team very difficult.

This problem can be easily solved by integrating Huawei security detection services. Firstly, the system integrity detection function can be used to analyze which users have changed the integrity of the application signature certificate, because the user whose APK is modified can delete the advertisement in the application, and advertising free is the authority of the top administrator. In addition, the system integrity detection function can find out whether the application is running on the root device and whether the application has been tampered with. For devices that have been root, you can prevent them from downloading and installing applications. If there is a malicious complaint about installation failure, the IT support team only needs to answer, “they must format their device and reinstall the app from the official app store”. In this way, the system integrity detection function can help it quickly filter out the malicious bad comments of some machine brushes, and improve the efficiency of problem location.

The multi-dimensional Huawei security detection service can realize the rapid construction of security capabilities. Its system integrity detection function is based on the tee trusted execution environment, which can quickly judge whether the equipment system is in the status of root, unlock and right lifting, which greatly ensures the security of applications.

For more application security cases, developers are expected to integrate Huawei security detection and innovate continuously.

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