Solve the problem of false screen font under win10 low resolution


Scope of application

Applicable when ClearType is off, all text on the screen (except uwp application) is blurred but not sharp.


In visual effects, check “smooth screen font edge” first, then apply, then uncheck, and then apply!
The font in the picture is blurred because the picture is scaled, not because the font of others is already blurred~


Bloggers speculate that it may be win10New features, even if this option is enabled, the system will show that it is not checked!

Discovery process

I usually don’t like to turn on ClearType, but the screen will be blurred when I don’t turn it on. In order to adapt to some programs that don’t support DPI automatic adjustment (naming and criticizing a large factory), I need to reduce the resolution to 1600 * 900.
Every time the resolution is changed, the screen font will be “permanently” blurred, and the online search questions are the same copy and paste text.
Later, I read the system information with aida64 one day and accidentally found that the font edge smoothing was turned on in the desktop information, but I turned it off the first time after I reinstalled the system.
So with a try attitude, I turned it off again in the visual effect. As a result, a miracle appeared! The screen is clear in an instant! It also shows that smoothing is turned off in aida64.
Learn a lesson. Even the display information of win10 may be wrong. You can’t believe it until you compare it with other software in the future.

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