Solve the pit that go Gorm stepped on


Data cannot be queried after gorm.model is used

Scan error on column index 1, name “created_at”


Scan error on column index 1, name “created_at”: unsupported Scan, storing driver.Value type []uint8

terms of settlement:

Add parsetime = true when opening the database

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Supplement: Usage Summary of golang Gorm

When creating a structure, you can specify the table name to be searched through tablename

func (CoinLog) TableName() string {
 return "coin_log"

Specify the columns of the corresponding table through the mapping of Gorm

ID            int64              `gorm:"column:id" json:"id"`

The one to many relationship between various models can be realized through preloading. For example, the following code, in which the device structure corresponds to multiple devicemodules, and the devicemodule has multiple commweimaqi

The corresponding associated data can be queried through the following query statement

db.SqlDB.Preload("DeviceModular", "modular_type=1").Preload("DeviceModular.CommWeimaqi").Find(&device)

Gorm does not support batch insertion for the time being

Batch insertion can be completed in the following ways

  tx := db.SqlDB.Begin()
  sqlStr := "INSERT INTO report_form (id,create_time,choose_count, device_fall_count,game_order_count,coin_count,member_count," +
   "day_member_count,visit_count,lgz_coin_count,weimaqi_coin_count,store_id,real_coin_count,m_coin_count,coin_spec) VALUES "
  vals := []interface{}{}
  const rowSQL = "(?,?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,?,?,?,?,?)"
  var inserts []string
  for _, elem := range reportForms {
   inserts = append(inserts, rowSQL)
   vals = append(vals, elem.ID, elem.CreateTime, elem.ChooseCount, elem.DeviceFallCount, elem.GameOrderCount, elem.CoinCount, elem.MemberCount, elem.DayMemberCount, elem.VisitCount, elem.LgzCoinCount, elem.WeimaqiCoinCount, elem.StoreId, elem.RealCoinCount, elem.MCoinCount, elem.CoinSpec)
  sqlStr = sqlStr + strings.Join(inserts, ",")
  err := tx.Exec(sqlStr, vals...).Error
  if  err != nil {
  }else {

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