Solutions to win7 failed to install visual studio 2015


The launch of visual studio 2015 development tool with WP / IOS / Android full platform development capability and the changes of visual studio 2015 may not only surprise developers and programmers. In particular, its full compatibility with WP / IOS / Android platform is particularly remarkable.

Before installation, check whether your system supports it. For details, see:, the whole installation process is similar to that of visual studio 2012 and visual studio 2013.

Win 7 SP1 system and ie10 or ie11 are required

Failed to install vs2015 RC (candidate release) on win7. The perfect solution includes win7 SP1 download address, ie10 download address and ie11 download address. The following error occurred when installing visual studio 2015 on Windows 7 operating system:


You can manually install the corresponding patches according to the 32-bit and 64 bit operating systems under the packagespatch Directory:

  Failure condition 1:

Windows NT version 6.3 and windowsbuildnumber 9600 cannot be installed. NT6. 3 refers to windows 8.1 system or Windows Server 2012 r2,6 X is the kernel version. If it is the operating system version and the build version number is lower than 9600, it cannot be installed.

  Failure condition 2:

Compatibility mode is not enabled. If the system is not the latest system, you need to enable compatibility mode, otherwise it cannot be installed.

  Failure condition 3:

If the operating system is win7 or above, or if it is win7 and the SP package is greater than or equal to 1, it cannot be installed. This means that if it is win7, the patch package of Sp1 and above must be installed. If you don’t install the patch package for win7, please install it first, otherwise you can’t install vs2015 If it is a higher version of the operating system, this problem does not exist.

  Failure condition 4:

If ie does not exist or IE version is less than 10, it cannot be installed. If you install ie11 on win7, you also need to install SP1 package first.

So win7 failed to install vs2015Final solutionAs follows:

1. Install the SP patch pack.

2. Upgrade ie bit ie10 or ie11

Vs different versions will not conflict:

My win7 has just installed 2015. The vs version will not conflict. 201020132014 2015 is installed on my computer.

Just install vs2015 directly. There is no conflict between the two. Vs2012 can continue to be used after installation.

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