Solutions to problems in UNIX uninstall GDB debugging tool


The UNIX system can uninstall the installed programs through the command, but some users have problems uninstalling the GDB debugging tool with the make uninstall command, and the uninstall fails. The following small series will teach you how to uninstall the GDB debugging tool for UNIX.


There was a problem installing the latest GDB a few days ago. I want to uninstall it. Results after executing the “make uninstall” command, the following results appear:

  bash-3.2# make uninstall

  the uninstall target is not supported in this tree

It seems that GDB does not support uninstalling directly with the “make uninstall” command, so how to uninstall it?


  A clumsy workaround is to cd into each subdir in the build tree and do

  make uninstall there.

You can only enter each subdirectory and execute the “make uninstall” command respectively.

The main reason for this problem is that there is a bug in the GDB debugging tool uninstallation. You need to enter each subdirectory and execute the command to uninstall the GDB debugging tool without fixing it.