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Android studio is an Android integrated development tool launched by Google, based on IntelliJ idea. Similar to eclipse ADT, Android Studio provides integrated Android development tools for development and debugging. Here’s how to use it


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Android studio stable version v3.5.2 Chinese installation version (with Chinese package + installation tutorial) 64 bit
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Android studio Chinese FAQ

1、 How does Android studio connect to a mobile phone? Method of connecting Android studio with mobile phone debugging program

Mobile phone part

1. Download a “one click root access” on the mobile phone. During the installation process, kingroot needs to be installed to obtain the mobile phone root authority. Some people on the Internet say that the mobile phone side does not need to obtain root permission, and I failed in my own attempt. However, not all mobile phones can get root permission. For example, I can’t get Samsung in my hand, but I have many old mobile phones, which is not a problem

2. This is a “wireless ads” service. You need to run it before studio can connect to the phone. Click the icon and the phone screen will display the words “ADB connect 192.168.0. X: 5555”.

That’s the end of the phone setup.

Computer part

1. Download and install Android studio, SDK and JDK.

2. Set the path, file > other settings > default project structure in studio. JDK and SDK should be set according to the figure,

3. Set the environment variable. SDK tools and platform tools need to be added under the path path. ADB needs to be used.

4. Download the API and take a look at the Android version of the phone, corresponding to the download version. Find the SDK for the SDK path Manager.exe , you can download.

5. For a new project, the SDK used in the project needs to match the version of the mobile phone. Otherwise, it will be difficult to operate.

6. Select Start ADB.

7. To enable ADB, computers and mobile phones need to be in the same LAN.

8. Start the computer to connect to the mobile phone, and enter “ADB connect 192.168. X.x” in the command prompt (CMD can enter) to connect the mobile phone. If the prompt does not recognize this command, it is the environment variable of ADB that is not set correctly. If the connection fails, restart the mobile phone’s ADB service and try again.

9. Check whether the connection between Android studio and the mobile phone is successful. The phone name will appear here. You can click “Android monitor” many times. Refresh

10. Compile the new project, select build > build APK, and then click Run > bebug app.

If the network connection is successful, it can also be replaced by USB connection. There are a lot of USB connection methods on the Internet. They are almost the same. The main thing is to find the driver. I have found the driver and the connection is not successful. Only then can I find the way to connect to the network.

2、 How does Android studio import projects? How to import project from Android studio

When the as is importing a project, it is very simple: at the beginning of opening as, select “open an existing Android studio project”.

Find the project folder, click Select, and then click OK.

Of course, if you know the path of the project, you can directly copy and paste it in the path bar, which will directly locate the location of the project.

During the import process, the components may be downloaded and installed due to incomplete components when creating project information. Just wait for a while.

As shown in the figure, you can see that the import has been successful.

If the as is already in the editing interface, you can do the following.

Select “file open” in the upper left corner.

In the pop-up dialog box, do the same operation as above to import the project folder.

3、 How does Android studio generate APK? How to generate APK in Android studio

As, click project, select build menu, and then select generate signed APK. As shown in the figure below: build > generate signed APK

In the pop-up window, if there is no key, create one. If there is one, select the existing key. If it is the first time to package. None of them

We can fill in a new picture according to our needs

OK, after clicking OK, we can see our password information back to the page just now. We may need to fill in the password, that is, the password set just now

Click next. There are two types of build type: release and debug. Release is the default

Results: after packing your project into APK, you can install it directly on the mobile phone without running the computer simulator, which is more convenient.

Chinese version of Android studio

1. Chinese package available in Lib

It is named CN, namely resources_ Cn_ *. jar, directly put it into / lib / under the software installation directory.

be careful:

You don’t need to rename it. Just put it in.

If this method is invalid, such as using English operating system, you can try the method in 2 to replace the original file.

2. Replace the Chinese package of Lib original file

It’s called resources_ en.jar Copy to / lib / to cover the original file.

be careful:

The original files can be backed up to other places before being overwritten, or downloaded from the “English package” folder when it needs to be restored later.

If you don’t want to replace files, such as different versions, you can package the messages and tips files in the localization package into the resource package to be localized.

The above is all the content of the frequently asked questions of Android studio Chinese version. I hope it will help you. For more content, please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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