Solutions for failing health check of springboot actuator


Springboot actuator health check failed

Today, I encountered a service that registered successfully but failed the health check. When I access the URL of the health check through the browser, the chrome network always displays pending, indicating that the request was submitted but could not be returned, so it was stuck.

Originally, I thought that health check was to check whether the / health request under the service port can return normally. In fact, it is not.

The so-called health check has many check items. Springboot inherits the class of abstracthealthindicator, such as datasourcehealthindicator redishealthindicator. Springboot will be automatically configured. For example, datasource using MySQL will execute dohealthcheck() of datasourcehealthindicator during health check. If redis is used, dohealthcheck() of redishealthindicator will be executed.


First, you can determine whether these external data sources cannot be connected, which leads to the failure of health inspection. You can configure them

      enabled: false
      enabled: false
      enabled: false

Turn off the health check for everything used in the system to see if the health check can pass normally. If it can be opened one by one, eliminate the problems one by one

Finally, it is found that the above pending situation is due to the incorrect URL configuration of MySQL, such as port error, or insufficient permissions of MySQL users. Dohealthcheck() of datasourcehealthindicator will connect to MySQL. If the connection is unsuccessful, it is stuck in connecting to MySQL.

Configure the correct URL, open the permission and solve the problem.

Spring boot health check related configuration and sorting

1. What is the health check of spring boot? What’s the use?

Spring boot provides a number of component health checks, which is conducive to monitoring the operation of each component. However, sometimes developers will fail to start and report errors, which need to be configured reasonably.

2. What checks are there in spring boot project and how to configure related checks:

2.1 first, the package introduced by health examination is


2.2 relevant indicators of health examination

  • CassandraHealthIndicator Check whether Cassandra is available
  • DiskSpaceHealthIndicator Check for insufficient disk space
  • DataSourceHealthIndicator Check whether the link can be obtained from the datasource
  • ElasticsearchHealthIndicator Check whether elasticsearch cluste is available
  • JmsHealthIndicator Check if JMS broker is available
  • MailHealthIndicator Check if the mail server is available
  • MongoHealthIndicator Check whether Mongo database is available
  • RabbitHealthIndicator Check whether the rabbit server is available
  • RedisHealthIndicator Check whether redis server is available
  • SolrHealthIndicator Check if Solr server is available

It can be seen that there are various external service inspections. Please browse the official documents for details. There is no more detail here

2.3 how to turn health check off / on

application. Explicit setting in properties

//If the prohibited es health checks are as follows, they are on by default

You can also use * prohibit all*.enabled=false

The above is my personal experience. I hope I can give you a reference, and I hope you can support developpaer.