Solution to the problem that VMware Workstation Pro cannot be opened due to win10 update


I encountered a problem when I opened my laptop after dinner this evening. Generally, the sleeping machine can normally enter the desktop by pressing the enter or start button, but today it is strange that I can’t open the desktop for a long time, and then I can only press and restart, and then the configuration is updated. At first, I don’t know why I turned off the system update or continue the system update. The most helpless thing is that the desktop is normal after I open it, but when I open VMware later, the system pops up a dialog box: Windows does not support VMware Workstation pro… I think it may be that I closed some VMware related processes in the task manager before, resulting in VMware crash, So I thought about the control panel – > uninstall – > reinstall, but it failed again, and the above error still occurred. Later, I checked the system update and found that the system has updated a security patch, that is, uninstall the latest update and restart the notebook. The new patch will be automatically configured, and then VMware can be opened normally. Of course, the box here is the configuration update after restart, which is different from the original number (ID).


One thing we can do: disable windows update:

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