Solution to the problem that video files cannot be deleted — win10 Professional Edition


Most users like watching videos on computers or mobile phones, but many users also encounter the situation that video files can’t be deleted, which takes up a lot of memory. Here’s a solution. Let’s have a look.

Solution to the problem that video files cannot be deleted -- win10 Professional Edition

Video file cannot be deleted:

Method 1

1. Delete step by step. If you are deleting a folder, you can try to delete the files in the folder first, and then delete the folder. Another way is to create a new file under the folder, and then delete the folder.

2. Renamed and deleted. Change the name of a file or folder that cannot be deleted before deleting it

3. End the process and delete it. When you delete a file, if the system prompts “the file is in use”, first check whether the program related to the deleted file has not been exited, and then check whether there are relevant processes in the system process. This situation often occurs when we uninstall the software and delete the remaining files in the system.

4. Restart and delete

5. Delete it in another system. Friends who use multiple systems can switch to another system for deletion, which is more effective. The friends of single system can use Rd (delete directory) or delete command (delete file) under DOS or enter safe mode to delete

6. Delete after the Explorer process is finished. Press the CTRL + Alt + Del key to open the task manager, switch to the “process” tab, and end the Explorer process. At this time, the desktop will be lost. Don’t worry,

Run “file → new task”, enter “CMD” and open the command line window. Enter the directory where the file to be deleted is located, and delete it with the RD or delete command. After deleting, run the “file → new task” command again, enter “Explorer” and press enter, the desktop is back

7. Turn off preview and delete. If you use the preview function of videos and pictures in the explorer, you often fail to delete such files,

The solution is to turn it off: Windows XP users enter “Regsvr32 / u” in “start → run” shmedia.dll ”Windows 2000 users can right-click the blank space in the explorer,

Select the “custom folder” option, the custom folder wizard will appear. After entering the “please select template” window, select “easy” to disable video preview.

Method 2

1. The file is overwritten and then deleted. Create a new file with the same name as the file to be deleted in another area of the hard disk

2. Delete on another machine. If you are in the local area network, you can try to set the attribute of the folder where the file to be deleted is shared, and give the read-write permission, and then open the folder through the network neighborhood or other computers in the local area network to perform the deletion operation. In addition, if you have installed FTP server in your computer, we can also try to login from FTP and delete the files to be deleted

3. Use professional removal software. PC Tools this small software can remove almost all “stubborn” software.

After running the software, first press any key to enter the main interface of the software, then press F10 and switch to select the file to be deleted, press D key and confirm the operation to delete.

The above is to bring you the video file deletion solution, I hope you will like.
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